In this document we will use the term Accessories meaning all parts of the stringed instrument(s) (violin, viola or cello) that are not an integral part of an instrument itself, and are not attached to it with the use of glue - which includes pegs, bridge, tailpiece, chinrest, endpin and strings. We will use the term Instrument(s) meaning a stringed instrument without its accessories. We will use the term Product(s) meaning an Instrument including its Accessories.

Renaissance Acoustics offers a Lifetime Warranty on its violins, violas and cellos. We guarantee our Instruments to be made with the highest quality materials, and to be free of defects or imperfect workmanship. Renaissance Acoustics will repair its Instruments or replace its Products free of charge if they fail to retain their original properties during the warranty period.

This warranty is offered to the original purchaser only, and does not extend to instruments that have been acquired from a source other than Renaissance Acoustics Inc.
Any damage to the instrument by an accident or misuse, improper storage, or as a result of repair or modification by a workshop other than Renaissance Acoustics will void this warranty.

This Warranty does not apply to:

  • Accessories that were not manufactured by Renaissance Acoustics.
  • Parts and accessories that undergo regular wear and tear including varnish.


To validate this warranty, the confirmation of the sale and photocopy of the passport issued by Renaissance Acoustics must be on file. Please contact Renaissance Acoustics should it ever become necessary to service our Products.