Purchasing Information


Please contact us to inquire on a specific instrument price and availability.

      The purchase price is guaranteed by Renaissance Acoustics.

Should you ever decide to sell your instrument, we will buy it back for the original price, provided that the instrument is still in its original, mint condition. Renaissance Acoustics reserves the right to price down or to nullify its buy-back policy for the instruments that have been damaged by an accident or improper care.


All of our instruments are covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

Trial Period:

Renaissance Acoustics considers the trial period an important part of the purchasing process. But due to our waiting list, the trial period is restricted to two weeks starting from the date of delivery. For the same reason, we cannot guarantee the availability of a requested instrument at any time. We will notify you when the instrument becomes available for trial. When scheduling a trial, make sure you have sufficient time reserved (up to two weeks) to try the instrument . Please refer to our Sound Testing Page for the better use of your trial time.

Payment terms:

The requested instrument will be sent to the buyer upon receiving a security deposit (please contact us for details). The buyer has up to two weeks to assure the suitability of the instrument, and (if not satisfied) to send it back for a full refund.

Payment Options:

We accept Personal and Cashiers Checks drawn on US banks and wire transfers.

If using a wire transfer: all fees associated with the wire transfer are paid by the buyer.


We collect sales tax on items and services sold to Washington State residents.
No sales tax is charged for out of state sales.

Shipping: (insurance)

The customer is responsible for all shipping charges and shipping insurance fees.
Renaissance Acoustics will subtract shipping and insurance charges from the security deposit when the instrument is returned after the trial period.
Renaissance Acoustics will cover the shipping cost of the purchased instruments.

Passport-Certificate of Authenticity:

The Certificate of Authenticity will be sent to you upon the completion of sale.
It identifies the instrument as an original item and you as the legitimate owner of the instrument.
Alexander Goncharoff instruments acquired from other than Renaissance Acoustics sources without the Certificate of Authenticity are not covered by the Lifetime Warranty