Renaissance Acoustics Policies

The purchase price is guaranteed by Renaissance Acoustics.

Should you ever decide to sell your instrument, we will buy it back for the original price providing that the instrument is in its original, mint condition. Renaissance Acoustics reserves the right to price down or to nullify its buy back policy for instruments that have been damaged by an accident or improper care.

Full Refund:

A full refund is issued when the instrument is returned within the specified Trial Period timeframe. Renaissance Acoustics reserves right to charge a late fee of $100 per day for each day beyond the 14 day trial period. The full refund policy applies only to instruments that have not been damaged in any way, i.e. have not acquired dings, scratches, chipping, scuffing etc. There is no restocking fee when a customer qualifies for a full refund.


Rights Reserved:

We reserve the right to change our policies as we see fit, however, instruments purchased prior to such changes will retain the terms of their original policies. Prices are subject to change without notice.